Bible Institute

The Bible Institute is a weekly Bible Study designed to bring believers into spiritual maturity in Christ.

We meet on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.


    •  Addresses so many topics that can answer our

    questions and help us now and in the future.

    •  IS relevant to our lives today. It gives us

    priceless, practical help and real hope.

    •  Guides us in understanding Who God is


    •  Builds community and belonging in our church.

    •  Develops real friendships in Christ.

    •  Supports an environment of love that can overcome any


    • Creates fellowship with other people who have similar beliefs.

    • Gives us a safe place to work out our personal faith/life issues.

    • Provides a structured, scheduled time to refocus our lives on

      the Lord.

    • Shows how God reacts to our human ways and fosters personal


    •  It helps us to accept others and ourselves as flawed human

      beings striving towards God.

    • The example of others in the group inspires us to do