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Reverend Hendricks was born May 22, 1975 to Reverend Adrian C and Reverend, Doctor Laurain Hendricks in St. Louis, Missouri.

He is a son of East St. Louis, Illinois and was baptized at the age of 6 at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church.He spent part of his early childhood growing up throughout central and southern Illinois, settling briefly on Chicago’s south side.After graduating High School he relocated to Jefferson City to attend Lincoln University where he met his beautiful wife on “visiting” day. As a devoted husband to Mrs. Andria Hendricks and father of three wonderful children, he couldn’t be more blessed. He received a Liberal Study Degree from Lincoln University. He also has a Masters Degree in Education (C&I) from William Woods University, a Masters Degree in Church Planting and Evangelism from Liberty University, and is completing his Masters Degree in Theology from Southwest Bible College and Seminary.

He accepted a calling into the life of ministry in 1997. He has served as an Associate Minister for over 12 years and the Youth Pastor of Second Missionary Baptist Church of Columbia, Missouri for over 5 years. He believes he has been given the awesome task and privilege to cooperate with God in the building of his church as a preacher, teacher, visionary and Man of God. His hope is that you will join him in this effort.

“Wired” to Plant a Church?

The question of his calling into the wonderful world of church planting has been an amazing discovery that has both challenged and encouraged him to prayerfully plan for the journey. In this effort, he has continuously evaluated his life and his gifts to determine what resources God has provided for the process. With this sense of evaluation in mind, he state, “I believe God has wired me to best serve Him. I have been given many natural gifts from the Lord and have grown in their use as I’ve received more responsibility in work and in ministry. I have discovered there are 5 gifts that I believe I have been “wired” with that are most helpful to the planting of a new church work in our community”. They are:


The ability to understand organizational models, process problems, tools and assessment strategies is important for developing the structural and organizational strength and clarity the church will need to stimulate growth. With strong administration and clarity of vision in place, new converts and visitors will have a sense of confidence and peace about where this ministry is going.

The ability to communicate the vision with passion, to motivate supporters, and to carry the vision forward is imperative to the work of the church. Character and integrity are the fruits of my life necessary to begin the work of gathering the support.

This gift of Hospitality is one of the necessary attitudes that welcomes friends and strangers into the house of the Lord and gives them the freedom to receive the love of Christ. Through hospitality, there is a natural attraction to those that are hurting in the community and are in need of the love of Christ.

Is the divine capacity to start and oversee new churches or ministry structures. Being able to see the vision of what God wants done is obviously a place of great importance, however, having an anointing, natural giftedness of heart, thought, will, emotional strength and insight are manifestations of this gift that lend to establishing needed ministries.

The ability to see with confidence the promises of God being materialized in my life and that of this church. Through the eyes of faith we are able to see those things that are not yet materialized in our lives and ministry. The ability to believe God for greater things, and for the provision that we need to accomplish his purpose for this plant and other needed projects is of vital importance.

I believe that God has designed me inside and out for this lifestyle of apostolic living through pasturing and church planting. My passion is the birthing of the God given vision for The Joshua House Church and serving the community of Jefferson City, Missouri.